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Halal nailpolish

Are you looking for a halal nail polish? Then you are exactly right with FAPURE. Our halal nail polish is made and composed from products allowed under Islamic law. A key feature of halal nail polish is that it is water permeable and breathable. Below is our range of halal nail polishes.

What is halal nailpolish?

Halal is often associated with food, more specifically with meat. Halal literally means “permissible under Islamic law” or “permissible”. It’s not just about food, however. There are also halal cosmetics or halal nail polish. According to Sharia (Islamic law), Halal nail polish must be free of ingredients that are prohibited for consumption by Muslims. It is also important that halal nail polish is manufactured, processed and stored using machines that are cleaned according to Sharia rules.

What is the difference between halal nail polish and conventional nail polish?

A key feature of halal nail polish is that it is water permeable and breathable. This is not the case with other nail polishes. Halal nail polish allows you to clean your hands much better because this nail polish is breathable and water permeable. Conventional nail polish needs to be removed with special products such as nail polish remover, while halal nail polish is much easier to remove. An advantage for Muslim women is that they do not have to remove the halal nail polish before ablution or full body washing.

Another advantage of Halal nail polish is that it is much gentler on your nails. Unlike traditional nail polish, Halal nail polish does not seal your nails. Your nails can continue to breathe and remain free of aggressive ingredients – these are forbidden in the Islamic faith. For this reason, more and more women are using halal nail polish, and not only Muslim women.

Oxygen-permeable nail polish for nail fungus

As already mentioned, one of the most important properties of halal nail polish is that it is oxygen permeable. This property of halal nail polish represents a great advantage for many people: you can use the oxygen-permeable nail polish if you suffer from nail fungus. Since Halal nail polish is oxygen-permeable, you can simply apply this nail polish if you treat your nail fungus with FunghiClear, for example.

It is best to apply a base coat first and then apply the halal nail polish. This ensures that the color does not penetrate the nail and adheres better. You can then treat your nails with a top coat for the right protection. Thanks to the oxygen-permeable properties of Halal nail polish, your nail fungus will not be smothered and the nail can recover. This is how you can make your nails look beautiful for a special occasion.

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