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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

Our nail polish is water based and water permeable. The nail polish is made with an unique color polymer compound that allows water molecules to penetrate through its micro-pores. Unlike traditional nail polish, water and moisture can penetrate through the nail bed providing a healthier, breathable environment.

How to use?

  • Clean your hands and nails
  • File and buff your nails
  • Push your cuticles back
  • Apply FAPURE nail polish perfectly
  • Rotate your dominant hand to apply nail polish
  • Use topcoat for a better result
  • Let dry, look at your nails and enjoy!


Our nail polish is waterbased, you need to clean you nails before applying the nail polish.


Yes FAPURE nail polish is halal.

Yes FAPURE nail polish is water permeable.

Yes indeed, except the topcoat. 

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